Link to an article required, Time and Effort comparison between designing using Null Layout and LayoutManagers

Two things
Preferably an Articles required, or thoughts.
The time and effort required in making a GUI using layout managers compared with making it with Null layout.

We do not have much expertise in our company in LayoutMangers.
So the approach which we are following is making the GUI in null layout and then impelmenting the whole system and after that we use the speciallized resourse who is expert in using Layoutmangers to convert all the null layout screens by using Layoutmanager preferably using designer, So that even normal developer who is not expert in LayoutManager could use designer to make small changes
Please comment on this approach and give suggestion for improvements
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A null-layout is in fact no layout, the situation with former workbenches where
you would drag and drop every component into position.
This requires a visual layout editor a la Visual Studio.
Such things exist but are not populair because they're not dynamic:
any change to the window size or change to the face of the application
(buttons appearing/disappearing) spoils the good intentions when the
GUI was designed.
Therefore the layout managers were introduced as dynamic makeovers
that keep the GUI in the same style no matter what is added or deleted on a screen.
Even additions to a new release should be counted: adding some buttons can
be done without a redesign of the GUI, while with VBASIC we have to reconsider the whole GUI.

I must confess that it takes some time to get used to your favorite layout managers
but afterall the time I spent in redesigning GUIs for Visual C++ was just a waste.
There are several good books about the subject, but please start on ""

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