SAP ABAP/4 PreRequisitues = ?

Q-1) What Are the pre Requisties i "MUST" fulfill and what i "SHOULD" Fulfuil before joining the SAP Academy Tarining Course?

Q-2) After reading my profile plz comment should i join ABAP/4 SAP Course or not ?         I am an M.Phil graduate who has completed Computer Engineering Degree (4 Year) . No Practical Experience in ERP and No Expereince in UNIX. Visual Basic Progarmming ability is intermediate level. Should i join this Course?

Q-3) After being ABAP/4 Certified Programmer what are the future Careers Aspects i have to face ? Job Prospects & Salary for ABAP/4 Certified Programmers(Freshers)

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The pre-requisites to learn ABAP/4.

1.Must have basic computer knowledge.
2.Recent programming experience (within last 5 years) in a 3GL structured programming language or strong technical background with SAP functional experience
3.Experience with common programming constructs, algorithms and computing science concepts (e.g. variables, arrays, loops, branches, record structures, File I/O, relational database design)
4.Technical Degree or Diploma (Computer Science or Electrical Engineering preferred)
5.Solid working knowledge of Windows 95/98/NT
6.Previous software development experience in the design and implementation of GUIs in the Microsoft Windows environment preferred (e.g. Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Delphi, etc.)
7.Database background (SQL, PL/SQL, OpenSQL) or any other embedded SQL related hybrid

After this go for any Particular module and concentrate on it strongly...u r future wqill be bright....
Best of luck...


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I am Abhijeet from India. Finished engg. in 2004 now working in Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited, India as an ABAPer.

1) For getting into SAP you dont have any particular prerequisites. You must have basic programming background. At C programming upto IO  i.e. file handling level should be well known.

You SHOULD have basic knowledge of SQL queries. No special knowledge of DBMS systems such as Oracle etc. is required.

2) if you r a computer graduate then this is ideal time for you to join ERP business esp. SAP. I also have done jst done engg. and now in SAP. In next few years SAP is goin 2 extend its monopoly in market. Also 4.7 version i.e. enterprise edition is already web enabled. so we expect the intrusion of web technology such as Java and .Net into SAP in next few years.
Already it has headed towards Object Oriented Approach. So lot of work still to be done!

& ERP is the business which is required in any kind of business. so no end to it!

3) As an ABAPer u will be definitely highly paid.. and won't be just programmer as in the case of Java and others..But you wiill be a consultant. You will have future prospect of moving to Technical consultant within atleast 2-3 years which is a really presigious job!
But to be at apex you need to gain lot of domain knowledge which is diff for an engg. grad but well possible for an CA or ICWA. If u cud acquire that mch domain expertise you wil b a functional  consultant which is at the apex. but for that you require at least 4-5 years of domain expertise in  Finanace , Accounting  , hr etc.

So lots of prospects here also...very high scope...& about the renumeration it will be definitley higher than rest of all the programmers!

But think twice before entering into this because if you dont have enough interest in will be definitely boredom. Also switching job is also difficult.

Neways all d best!
do well
and mail me if you get into this!

Abhijeet Jangam.
mcse20002000Author Commented:
Any Scope of SAP in pakistan ?

based on ur Expert comments it seems that being an IT professional but still no Practical programming Experience ( Only Academic) . it is not that difficult to be an ABAPer.
I really dont know the scope in Pakistan..

and abt abaper..its not difficult to be one...but its very difficult to master that..and go towards the next step i.e. Technical consultant!


You don't need a great deal of programming experience to do teh Acadamy as they will teach you most of the things you need to know - in fact it may be benificial to NOT have much experince in another language ( especially a 4GL ) as this will give you pre-conceptions.

I have been an ABAPer for 6 years now and the thing that really marks out the Great ABAPers is an ability to communicate well and an ability to understand the underlying business processes.

As has already been mentioned it is realativly easy to get a Job but it is very hard to become a great ABAPer ....
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