Sort listview on column click


i am using listview as report.
How can i sort listview based on column click.

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did you check the help file ?
   listviewname.Sort ( sorttype, { column } )
That didnt help you ?

Try using userdefined! as the sorttype, and put your sort logic in the Sort event.
Alternatively are you using pfc then you could inherit from  u_lvs( it uses a datastore , so sort is default included)
vjabhiAuthor Commented:
i have see...
so i can write in column click...
listviewname.Sort ( sorttype, { column } )

But ewhat value to pass for column??
how do i get which column is clicked??
does GetColumn  help ?Can you post your srd file here. am too bored to create one to test.
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vjabhiAuthor Commented:
just have simple question..
when i click on column ..
how i can know which column has been clicked in click event
string  is_sort as instance varabile

and on datawindow click event paste this syntax

string      ls_col, ls_sort
integer      li_pos


/* Get the name of the object the pointer is over.     */
ls_col = this.GetObjectAtPointer()

/* Get the tab position                                                              */
li_pos = Pos(ls_col, "~t")

/* Check last 2 characters                                                        */
ls_col = Left(ls_col, li_pos - 1)

/* if not a column heading, then return                                */
if NOT Lower(Right(ls_col, 2)) = "_t" then Return

/* Assumed that heading name is column name + "_t".       */
/* Remove the last to characters to get the column        */
/* name and then sort by it. If the sort criteria             */
/* matches the previous sort, then reverse it.                   */
ls_col  = Left(ls_col, Len(ls_col) - 2)
ls_sort = ls_col + " A"

if ls_sort = is_sort then
      ls_sort = ls_col + " D"
      ls_sort = ls_col + " A"
end if

is_sort = ls_sort


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There's a columnclick() event available with listviews, that display in report mode and buttonheader property is set to yes. The index of the column clicked is available as an argument.
So you can Just write following in the columnclick event:

Sort ( sorttype, column  )

See the help of columnclick event.

Vikas Dixit
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