Yahoo authentication returning "Unable to process request at this time -- error 999"

For the last one or two months yahoo mail has not been working behind my corporate firewall. This also applies to services such as "my yahoo". I can go to any login page, but then receive the following error after authentication:

Unable to process request at this time -- error 999
  Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

Return to Yahoo!

The URL of one such reply is:*http%3A// xxxx&passwd=xxxx&.chkP=Y&.persistent=&.hash=1&.js=1&.md5=1

Where xxxx has replaced my password & username for my privacy. Note I presume it is trying to login to Aus yahoo, since I am located here. I have a account however. I see many others are having the same fault (see: To my eyes it seems like yahoo have been a bit shortsighted with any security "enhancements" they have recently implimented. Note that the sometime suggested solution of logging in securely does not help.

I think I have only received this error at home on my broadband connection once or twice in the same period. The error occurs at all types of day, and following login to any yahoo domain or service. I have contacted yahoo support, but have received absolutely no human response.

I have no problem at work with any other websites or email services such as gmail or hotmail.

It is extremely frustrating not to be able to access email from other locations, and it seems like an error not contained to me. I am thinking that my corporate firewall hides some information that yahoo in their wisdom won't authenticate me without.  It is driving me nuts!
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Hi there

It would seem your not the only one. Reading through these posts it seems that some users have just accepted that it happens.


could very well be a security setting on your machine or even cookie handling ...attempt to lessen the security and cookie handling in web browser options/settings/preferences, AND THEN/OR log on to the mail account at yahoo from one of these links:

hope this helps
keenedmAuthor Commented:
No, I've reset the cookie handling etc, and there is still the problem. If the problem sticks for one or two months I will probably switch to G mail. Does anyone know somebody at Yahoo who can help, or at least get me a human voice to talk to in Australia for this issue? Many thanks,
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Here is a different approach:

Try running it through a proxy and see if it works:
           (Warning: there are some pretty detestable ads, but no popups)

Yahoo UK

Login information sent with request:*http%3A//


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Some things to try:

1.You have tried the secure login?

2.Have you tried logging in through chat and then clicking on mail?

3.Have you tried another browser (other than IE - such as Netscape / FIrebird)?

4.Have you cleared out your cache / cookies?

Some other suggections:

5.Internet Explorer >Tools >Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites >SITES. Uncheck 'Require Server Verification'.

Credit: Above cut from:


Hope something helps there.


It seems that there is no solution to these kind of problems unless yahoo ppl can take the time to look into it. I have faced some problems with yahoo myself and received a few suggestion which might be of some help to you. Check this

Try to find yahoo office in yellow pages or telephone directory and see if you can get someone to talk to you although I belive that chances for that are thin, unless you are a paying customer
keenedmAuthor Commented:
Thanks, for your suggestions. The proxy certainly worked, but since then Yahoo has begun working again behind my corporate firewall/proxy. Maybe it was my email to their helpdesk that helped, or something else? In the meantime I will give it a little while to see if it breaks again before I close this call and assign points.
Cheers all,
Hi Turn123,

I think every poster has offered some type of help here, as the actual cause was never defined. (Indeed, with the subject matter, there is almost definitely more than one affecting factor.


Hope everytihng is still ok, keendm.

keenedmAuthor Commented:
Sorry no response of late. I was overseas over the holiday period. I will now distribute points accordingly, but think hankknight dreamer and sunnycoder got the closest with their efforts.

The problem is still not occurring, so as I said before it could be that Yahoo have fixed up their dodgy authentication (maybe they saw this thread??! :0 ) or something at my company has been corrected. Unfortunately our IT dept is too big for this to be investigated.

Thanks for all your help.
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