Like to try Linux Please help me

Hi I never try Linux, coz i am so familiar with Win Applications

From where should i start i want to install Linux, which version or edition should i install, where can i get installation file, Is Linux suuports all the needs that Win OS provides.

Please suggest me all this information so that i can start swimming in Linux world

And what are the key things i hve to know b4 moving on it!
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That's where you can get a ton of linux "versions", the so called distributions. Most have much in common and usually vary only in their packaging system. Read about them and choose which suits you better - for a begginer, I'd suggest Mandrake.

If you want to see how it looks first, I suggest you try a LiveCD distro first (most known is Knoppix). It runs purely off the CD, so no need to alter your disk, but is a bit slower due to that ...

Linux has most of the programs you'll ever need but those for windows won't work natively - many times this can be bypassed with emulation (Wine, Cedega). That unfortunately includes most games, but don't worry, OS has a few very good, a pleade of OK games and tons of them in development. Many of the modern games are ported to linux, so things like Doom3, ut2k4 work as good (or better) as on windows.
> And what are the key things i hve to know b4 moving on it!
You need to have some study on Linux/Unix command.

Linux for dummies:

Introduction to Linux:



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joyjohnAuthor Commented:
Which one should i choose i am a home user ! may be netwrok with 2-3 pc and printer later please advice for selection

It Linux is command prompt? DO they sahre Unix Command as well

Please suggest me so that i can start downloading the installation files.
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joyjohnAuthor Commented:
And please also suggest me how should i run those installtion files coz they have three discs
I'd recoomend Mandrake 10.1, but it's not publicly available yet, so you can wait a bit, try 10.1 beta, 10.0 or another distro. Recently Ubuntu became very popular - I don't know why though; never seen it.

Most unix commands have gnu interpretations/versions, which are usually better.
Linux is command promprt as much as you want - these 2 distros i suggested are as less as possible, you have a gui for almost anything. That doesn't mean you can't do it through a console, though,
> how should i run those installtion files coz they have three discs
Burn those ISO files into CDs, boot your PC from CDROM with the first CD.

I recommend for Fedora Core 3 or RedHat which is most popular and you can get most help from it.
Mandrake is good , however, you might not get the help as quick as RedHat.


If you are just trying just donwload a copy of knoppix ( it will let you get used to using linux.

Knoppix boots off the cd and runs in a ramdrive (it will not destroy any windows files)

There is also a product called mandrake move (you can download that from it is similar to mandrake 10.1

Also suse live (from

In fact download them all (if you have the bw) and try them out.  Find the one you like the best and then find the full install isos or buy them or install them from the cds.  They are all quite different in feel but they all have the linux kernel and command line.

Have fun!!
I've just switched from Fedora to Ubuntu and I'm beginning to realize at least one reason for its popularity -  the large amount of Debian and other software that installs almost by itself.

Someone I read said that Ubuntu was really the only Linux system he would recommend to a Microsoft user. I can quite see his point of view.

If speech-to-text voice recognition is something you require, you will have to stick with Microsoft (or Mac) for the foreseeable future.

Loading Ubuntu is not quite as easy as Red Hat/Fedora or Mandrake though, particularly if you are going for a Microsoft/Linux dual boot.

An alternative to trying Linux with “Live” CD's/DVD's (SuSE9.2 requires 384MB of RAM) is, I've read recently, Topologilinux.
I would recommend a Live CD for someone wanting to start with Linux. Knoppix as previously mentioned is an excellent product. I think it has about 2GB of compressed software on the CD, so you get plenty to play with. As with all the Live CD versions you don't have to mess up your harddrive.

Knoppix does include a command to install it onto your harddrive if you decide that you like it. It should then be treated as a Debian installation of Linux.

I installed it from the CD onto my old Sony Vaio laptop, and it automatically detected and installed the correct driver for my NetGear Wireless network card. When I booted it, I could connect to the Internet without any further configuration. ( Try that with Windows! ) It's certainly been the easiest install of Linux that I've experienced.

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