MYSql With C# in Multiple Query

Halo, the following are my code.

string sqlString = "select * FROM JobInfo WHERE JobNo='135'; select * FROM TraderRelated WHERE JobNo='135';select * FROM DeliveryInfo WHERE JobNo='135'; ";

MySqlDataAdapter Adapter = new MySqlDataAdapter();
MySqlCommand cmdSelect   = new MySqlCommand();

cmdSelect.CommandText = sqlString;
cmdSelect.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
cmdSelect.Connection  = GetConnection;
Adapter.SelectCommand = cmdSelect;

The following coding is work fine with MYSql version 4.0.22, but when i upgrade my MYSql server to Version 4.1, then i'm getting error
[ You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ';' at line 1]

Please help....
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You have several seperate select commands in your sqlString (separated by ';'. that is not always a legal thing to do. How should mySQL determine how to return a single resultset with rows found on that query.

Generally I would combine the 3 queries into a single query that acces a join of all 3 tables:

string sqlString = "select * FROM JobInfo JOIN TraderRelated USING JobNo JOIN DeliveryInfo USING JobNo WHERE JobNo='135'; ";

You may need to say  JobInfo.JobNo  instead of just JobNo in the WHERE clause, but try without first.

regards JakobA

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I paste your reply in here as it mistakenly arrived in my personal feedback.

soory for the late response, I do not check my feedback often. (it is intended for personal feedback, ie complaint if I am abusive, or praise if I manage to be exceptionally helpfull)


      Thanks for ur comment, but i want to fill up  a DataSet with 3 DataTable. This code is work fine in Version 4.0 . It return a dataset with 3 datatable, but it not work in Version 4.1.

      Please advice


Unfortunately I cannot adwice further as I do not knoe the C# interface to MySQL well enough to comment on version-problems.

The error you get point to ';' as the problem supporting the original guess, but as you no doubt know, errormessages are not always reliable so It may well be something else.

regards jakobA
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