Adsl Router. Internet Explorer not working Properly

I have a network which has been running ok for about a year. All Win2000 pro computers. Actel speedtouch pro router.
Now, a nasty problem has emerged..
If i connect  via, ftp, pcanywhere or any other program not using port 80 all work fine.
But, if i connect with a browser eg  most pages do not load up. But if i enter the ip number in the
browser, the pages do come up slowly, but do not totally display. It looks like a dns problem ???
My network is set up with auto addressing, using the router as the dhcp server. I have checked all
computers and they seem to be set up ok.  On the odd occassion the whole network works totally ok
ie. all machines can use the internet explorer ok useing  www.????.com etc., but then suddenly all lose connection.
Then i can only connect using ip numbers in the browser,and all the page does not load, and is slow.

I am asking the question more as to ask for any broad help, as to what the problem may be.????

Really appreciate any help

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If the pages start to load then gets slow or stops loading It does not sound like a DNS problem because the page wouold not load at all. During time of bad performance I would try to ping something on the internet noting packet loass and round trip times. Aslo, perform the same task while things are good for a baseline.
Check your router during good and bad times as well for CPU utiliztion and also check the interfaces for inout errors, CRC errors etc .......... Ask your provider to perform testing on the outside interface of the router, if you have errors on this interface it may be a provider problem. You may want to clear interface counters before doing the baseline because small amounts of errors over time are normal.
We need to ensure that errors are current. Also, if the router has been online for some time a reboot may clear things up. Could be alot of things, if you have access to a host on the internet you could perform pings and traceroutes as well to help troubleshoot, i.e continioous pings FTP xfers etc......


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robneil1Author Commented:
Appreciate your help.
In the end it was a provider problem, i had to put the dns in all computers seperately, rather than one only in the router.

Regards  robneil1
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