linux running on client machine protecting the server?

Hi all,

Im just wondering, Im trying to make the office lan more secure so I was thinking of setting up a box running red hat linux and making that box serve as a firewall for the server? the server is running windows 2003 server but will be soon upgraded to Small Business Server 2003..there are about 24 clients connected to the server running windows XP,

So can i setup a box running linux that will protect the windows 2003 server? make it act like a router?

Any information on how I can do this would be great,


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Hi aplusguru,
I don't think there is much point putting a firewall between your users PC and the server as you will have to permit through practically everything anyway.

What protection do you have between your network and the Internet?
aplusguruAuthor Commented:

No i want it to stop internet hacks etc...i want the box to server as to protect the server from the outside world of code ;-)
You might wish to consider Smoothwall which is a Linux distribution dedicated for use as a firewall.

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It has a nice easy web based configuration tool :)
Hi Ronan,

I agree with grblades, Ive never used Linux at all but came to a situation where having a Linux firewall to protect my windows enviroment was a sensible idea.
Smoothwall did the job, All you need is a old PC to run it on, anything with a 200mz+ cpu, 4gb hard disk, 128 - 256 ram will do the job.

It has a UI so you wont need to worrk about commands.

Hope this helps
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