Someone has put a redirection on my server how can I get this off

I have created an intranet training site within my company and I am trying to make it easier for people to access my site.

lets say to access my site you typed into the address bar

what I want to do is just have my users type in 

and this will present the user with the homepage.

Just to make things a bit more complicated though, there is another intranet in my company which runs on a completely different server. There is a bit of work politics involved here but those other guys have put on some redirection to my server.

Let me explain.

When I type in say to get to my server in IE it says    Redirecting.... and takes you to a completely different server with a different ip address. How have they managed to get this redirection? And how can I create my own default home page?


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It sounds like the others are winding you up a bit.

They have done one of two things.

1: Added a file in your root directory (at that redirects to another site
2: Changed your web server so it redirects to another site.

Check your web server: If IIS
A: Go to IIS
B: Select your site
D: Properties
E: Home Directory Tab
F: Look at the redirection radio buttons to see what is checked

Look in your root directory at

If they have placed a file in there that redirects, then remove it.

Make a new HTML page.

Add to it the following code in the <head> section

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1;url=">

Save and close the file and browse to:

You will be redirected to:

Hope that helps.


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check your server's default files under your web root directory, default.asp, iisstart.htm, default.aspx, index.asp etc.. and also check for any redirections in inetmgr (Admin console for IIS)

what happens when you access your server from the server itself? does it get redirected? if it doesnot then the problem might be slightly more complicated

Have Fun!
There are two ways of forwarding in general.

1- There may be an HTML file which resides at (i.e. index.html) and within this file there is a script which does the automatic redirecting. If you have access to this file and can change it then you can change where it redirects to.

2- This may be done in the configuration of the web server. You need to have admin rights on the the server and you need to know how to change this configuration. This is done differently in each web server.

You need to understand what kind of forwarding is done first.
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