Setting Up Network Router and Wireless Access Point

Hello.  This is what I have:

Sager NP8880 2.8 Ghz Laptop w/ built in network card (RJ-45)
DSL Account
DSL Modem
D-Link DI-707P 7-port Router
D-Link DWL-2100 Wireless Access Point
D-Link DWL-G650 AirPlus Xtreme G 2.4 Wireless Card

The situation:

I am able to connect to the internet if I connect the DSL modem directly to my network connection on my laptop.  The first day that I received my router and access point, I set up the router according to the installation instructions.  I was able to log onto the internet through the router.  I then installed the Wireless Card and began to set up the access point.  I was never able to get to the internet after making this connection.  My laptop saw that I had a wireless connection, but I wasn't able to use it.  I called D-Link tech support and they gave me a newer firmware for the access point.  I uninstalled all of the D-Link equipment.  When I began to reinstall the router, I again set it up and this time I was not able to connect to the internet, however  I could still connect directly via the DSL modem.  Everytime that I opened up an internet connection while connected through the router, it gave me a Network Settings Not Found screen.  I called D-Link again and they walked me through the router settings and verified they were correct.  I was able to ping many websites using the router tools.  I again tried to connect through the router and nothing.  D-Link believes that there is a problem with my laptop/software.  I've reset all my IE settings to default and this still hasn't fixed it.  My last resort is to wipe out my system and start from scratch (see my question in Hardware section).  I want to avoid this if possible.
I've addressed a few problems here and will try all suggestions to fix them.  Thank you.
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OK...let me screw my head back on after all that...

Are you saying that presently, you can connect to the internet on the laptop when directly plugged in to the DSL modem via ethernet, and that the Router is missing it's WAN interface info?
Also, when you switched methods of connecting, did you power cycle the DSL modem, then the router, then the PC?  Only reason I ask is that most single-user home accounts on DSL and cable companies delegate your IP in their core routing tables based on a combination of your DSL/cable modem's MAC address and the MAC address of the computer connected through it.  The modem's MAC is in their provisioning table and basically lets them know which customer you are, while the PC's MAC is in the DHCP table and usually has a timeout of at least several minutes.  As long as there is a MAC in their DHCP table corresponding to your account, their system will not assign additional IPs to your modem's MAC address.  This is how they prevent people from ordering a single user account, then adding a switch or router and assigning public IPs to several computers.  It could be that , by coincidence, your first swap from direct connection to router had a period of time between which was sufficient to release your address thus making one available for your router etc etc.  As far as it working thorugh the router, then not working any more when you set up the wireless, my only guess to that end is that your router may be in bridge mode?

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gallegosjAuthor Commented:
Yes I can connect to the internet when directly plugged in to the DSL modem via ethernet.  I then try and connect with the Router and I am able to use the help feature provided with the Router to see connection status.  It shows that I am connected and it has an IP address and the whole nine.  When I close down the D-Link setup screen and open a new IE window, it says that my network settings are not found.
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hmm....just for giggles, try hooking it up directly again and download another browser (Opera, Firefox etc)  Then go back to wireless and see what happens.  Sounds like bad client settings when you go through the router or the other network interface.  Could also be something in your TCP/IP stack, NIC driver etc.
gallegosjAuthor Commented:
I'll give it a try when I get home.  I am in Germany and our time difference isn't very convenient.  That is why it took me so long to reply back.
gallegosjAuthor Commented:
Sorry about taking so long...

I haven't forgotten about the question.  My pc crashed and I was in a bad car accident.  Real life has taken a priority over my home network.  I'll post really soon.
gallegosjAuthor Commented:

The router was in bridge mode.  I changed that and a few other things and it now seems to be working.  Thanks for the tip and sorry again for taking so long to reply.

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