Font Options

Hello Again.

I have a real puzzler that will undoubtedly turn out to be simple when you know how.

We have just purchased a new corporate font - Helvetica (multiple flavours), and
Marketing have requested that i change our samples that we print from
notes to use the new font.

In the past to accomplish this i simply go into the Address field and go to the font tab and
change the font used, to the desired font.

This time however, the new font isnt an option.
I only get 1 option that even begins with H despite having 10+ installed on my PC.
Ive also noticed that there are other fonts that are installed on my PC that arent options - seemingly at random, i.e.  Humanst 521 BT is, but the italic version isnt there.
Just to clarify none of the helvetica flavours are options.

Is there somewhere i have to go to refresh font options, or is there a maximum number of
fonts that can form the list?. If so how/where do i go to make Helvetica an option?

As always any help is much appreciated.


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TweedyAuthor Commented:
I''ve added through Control Panel - Fonts - install new fonts, and also tried just copying them to the fonts dir.
Like the person in the link ive also restarted the PC.

I've also tried to do it on other I.T. PC's with the same result as my own.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Do you have the new font available in Word? What O/S do you have, what Notes version?
TweedyAuthor Commented:
O/S is XP, Notes 5.0.13 (business decision to not go to 6 yet), font is available in everything else i have tried
Word/Word Pro/Textpad etc etc etc
TweedyAuthor Commented:
Bizarre, but

Remove all fonts, install helvetica only - gives helvetica as the only option.
Then install all others - gives everything.


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