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Is this secure? A Networking Challenge

PLEASE help, I am going to ameeting with this proposal and I know some security people will tear me apart.  So any tips much appreciated.
Check out the diagram http://www.geocities.com/chris11.rm/network.jpg

Server A uploads to Server B updated images over a VPN IPSEC DSL connection; I have no question regarding this security.

Server A – Primary Location - Win 2000 server with 2 nics, one connecting to local LAN, the other connecting to a DSL router,

Server B – Remote location - Win 2000 server with one nic connected to the DSL router.

The current setup allows for viewing of images from server B only, there is no access to the remote location’s LAN.

Objective:  Allow for secure viewing of images from computers on the LAN side of server B, while not allowing for traffic to traverse to Server A LAN side or Server A for that matter.  Also the reverse, no access from the LAN side of Server A to the LAN side of server B.

Propose:  What I proposed was to add a second nic to the server b side, is this the best approach?

Thanks for any challenges.
1 Solution
Sounds like a good plan. Add a second NIC to server B and also make sure you have routing disabled on the OS you are running. You just have to turn off a few registry keys on Windows 2000

For added security, you can also install a personal firewall such as zone alarm pro or black ice defender.

Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
The windows IPSEC firewall can get your communications secure from one host to another, and even firewall all others, so there is no routing between the two.
It's a useful tool.
n_athenAuthor Commented:
Some clarification:
The communication from Server A to Server B is secure and does not need any more improvement.

The problem is that the LAN side of Server B needs to access Server B as if it was an internal web site.  
The company on server B side needs confirmation that there is no way anybody from Sever A can jump across to  the LAN side of Server B.

I hope this is clearer...

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