Virtual memory problem


In our project even if we close the form ,and dispose the object associated with it,the memory is not  released, instead it gets accumulated and an Exception "Virtual Memory is Low" was thrown . The memory is getting released only when we quit the entire application.

How can we manage this memory problem?

very urgent

thanks in advance
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Memory will be released when the Garbage collector will pick up.

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This object, have you written it yourself, and does it implements the Idisposible interface ?
Jeff CertainCommented:
.Net doesn't always release memory, even after the garbage is collected. Sometimes the application holds on to it for "future use." See this question:
As others have said, .NET handles most of the memory issues for you (even if you don't want it to). This is the same reason a simple "Hello World" app may show up as using 30 megs of RAM, simply because .NET grabs a bunch of memory and hangs onto it in case it needs it later (of course, it will release it if another app/process needs it).
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