Backing Up DVD's

Hi I am attempting to back-up some of my dvd's, some of which work others get so far and will crash, some crash with no error reported one just saying hardware error, i was wondering if there is any standard things to look out for.

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what are you using to back up the dvd's?

try out dvd shrink
these are dvd movies or dvd software discs? what software are you using to copy the dvd's with? what type of media? if you are trying to copy a dvd movie most likely it is a dual layer disc(dvd9) and you cannot fit that on regular single layer dvd-r. novacopy gave you a link to dvdshrink which is a great tool to extract out all the junk on the dvd and downsample the video without having to re-encode the entire movie and have it fit on a single layer dvd. if you are trying to do a full copy of a dvd9 disc then you will need to use dual layer dvd-r's and a writer that supports it.
AChesterAuthor Commented:
we are using nero an if we use a 8 speed dvd +r which copies ok, the error is on 4 speed dvd -r, i need the -r cause my dvd doesn't play +r, some -4 4 speed do copy ok, then others get to the end and the error "could not perform end of disc-at-once" is reported.
Try to use another -R brand, like TDK, or Memorex, they are very reliable !

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this is a media problem, if it is rated at 4x and you burn at 8x the media might not burn correctly cause it is not sensistive enough to that quick a burn speed. check out this site which lists different brands of media and how well they perform.
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