OnExit Event Procedure for appending to a text field

I have a form with 9 fields.
   1           2            3                  4             5             6             7        8           9              10
Item ID  Descr1    Field3            Field4      Field 5     Field6        Qty    Rate    ExtPrice      ProdCat

The OnExit for the Item Id performs several DLookups to fill-in the Desc1, Rate, and Product Category fields.

I need an OnExit Event Procedure to override the value in Descr1 when the value of the Product Category field equals "2".
The value to be written into the field needs to be the values of Fields 3 thru 6 seperated with by a dash.

1       (IU-1")        (Plate 1/4")   (1/2" AS)      ( )       (Plate 1/4")    1        50.00    50.00             2
1G     (IU-1" Gas)  (Plate 1/4")   (1/2" AS)   (Argon)   (Plate 1/4")   1        50.00    50.00             2

The OnExit EP should override the (IU-1") and (IU-1" Gas) with
                                                                                          (Plate 1/4" - 1/2" AS - Plate 1/4") and
                                                                               (Plate 1/4" - 1/2" AS - Argon - Plate 1/4")
Notice the first replacement does not place a dash if Field 5 is null. That should be true for all fields 3 thru 6.

More urgent than difficult. I can write a macro to perform this function, but would rather have the code.

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CurrentDb.Execute "Update YourTable Set Descr1 = Field3 & '/' & Field4 & '/' & Field5 & '/' & Field6 Where ProdCat = '2'"

Please, backup before trying it.
Hi bigwoodyg

If ProdCat = 2 then
 Descr1 = (Field3) & IIf(Not (IsNull(Field4)), "-") & Field4 & IIf(Not (IsNull(Field5)), "-") & Field5 & IIf(Not (IsNull(Field6)), "-") & Field6

End if

Good Luck!

bigwoodygAuthor Commented:

three issues with your solution, I can't get around.  
First, my Table Name is made up by two names =  "PO Detail".
I believe the bracket fix this issue.

Second, after replacing the Field1 with actual field names, and attempted to enter a record I receive the following error:
Too few parameters. Expected 2.

CurrentDb.Execute "Update [PO Detail] Set Descr1 = Mono1Type & '/' & Mono1Size & '/' & Mono1Color & '/' & Mono2Type & '/' & Mono2Size & '/' & Mono2Color Where ProdCat = '2'"

Third, I'm not sure if your solution handles the null value criteria.
bigwoodygAuthor Commented:

I can't compile your solution. Receiving this error.

Arguement not optional.

Cursor rests at the first IIf.

Here's the actual code.

Private Sub Lite2_ColorCoat_Exit(Cancel As Integer)

If Category = 2 Then
 Descr1 = (Mono1Type) & IIf(Not (IsNull(Mono1Size)), "-") & Mono1Size & IIf(Not (IsNull(Mono1Color)), "-") & Mono1Color & IIf(Not (IsNull(Mono2Type)), "-") & Mono2Type

End Sub

Private Sub Lite2_ColorCoat_Exit(Cancel As Integer)

If Category = 2 Then
 Descr1 = (Mono1Type) & IIf(Not (IsNull(Mono1Size)), "-","") & Mono1Size & IIf(Not (IsNull(Mono1Color)), "-","") & Mono1Color & IIf(Not (IsNull(Mono2Type)), "-","") & Mono2Type
End if

End Sub


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