Putting Results in a dialog Field

Qwaletee, I think by now you know the code I am refering to.  After I select the Role and hit OK.  The field RolesForACLName get populated with the names assigned to the role example.

CN=Joe Smoe/OU=TNT/O=Corp; CN=Chris Kringle/OU=TNT/O=Corp

Is there a way that this field on the main form could be a Dialog Field and the two names be [CN] and shown for selection.  It could even be a check box.  The problem I am having they may be 3 users in the same role, but only one needs to respond.  
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If the main form field is to be dialog field then use formula for keywords option and set to point a hidden field .

Use this hidden field in your dialogbox.

Also wrap the field around @Name([CN];hiddenField) in the dialog field formula

In your setup, what I think would be best is if you did this in the main form, not the subform.  Hide the second field (NamesForACLRole).  Add a new field called SelectNameForRole, an EDITABLE listbox, use formula for choices, and enable refresh choices on document refresh.  The formula for SelectNameForRole choices should be: NamesForACLRole

You shoudl also change the button.  It now just has @DialogBox(...) in it.  Add ;@Command([ViewRefreshFields]) to teh button.

Now, NamesForACLRole is not visible, but does hold the choices for the new field, and the new field allows the user to select a name for the document.  The Refresh causes the new field's choices to update upon return from teh dialog box.

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JaziarAuthor Commented:
On the first past the form works perfectly, but if I click the dialog button again, the displayed value in SelectNameForRole always reflects the first value.  How would you remove the value and reset it to the current pick?
JaziarAuthor Commented:
Never Mind I got it - Thanks
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