Backing up a windows 2003 server. AD, system state, files onto tape using Vertias + windows backup

I need to know how I can create a backup of Active Directory.
How can it be restored in the even of a hard drive failure. I've not got any additional domain controllers.
I also need to know how to backup a complete copy of windows, the registry and everything contained within it.

Is it possible to do this with Vertas backup exec?

I've been a bit brief.. Hopefully it is clear what i am after
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yes it's possible with veritas.
we use this on many of our servers.
the minimum to backup is "Systemstate". It contains windows, registry, ad and more.
do a full backup off all files and the systemstate and you can easily restore your domain.
just do a full restore and you are up again.
restore AD on it's own, would be only neccesary, if you had other domain controller(s) to sync with.
for a single DC, install a standard system, install veritas, let it inventory the tape and restore everything.

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Hello George,

This can definitely be done with Veritas.  Make sure you include the System State along with the other drives.  Although, the absolute best protection against a failure is to have a second DC.  Do you need detailed instructions?  What version of Veritas are you using?  9.0?

You really need to set up a second DC as stated above. Right now, if your one DC goes down none of your users will be able to log in unti lthe new server is built.
 I just use ntbackup to back up the system state and use disk imaging to image a server as a member server. I then restore the image, then the system state.
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georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
i've got a copy of veritas backup exec 9.1

antknee869, I am unable to get another server. This is out of my control.

WeHe, it is good to know I can easily restore my system. cfailrley in your experience have you found this task to be quite easy?

If you could guide me through that would be great! :-)
I use 8.6 and it is very easy.  I'm not in the office today, so I don't have the specifics relating to Veritas, let alone 9.1.

Here are some links to backing up and restoring using NTBACKUP.  You should be able to implement in Veritas.

(See Backup, then Restore.  List is in alphabetical order)
What guide do you need for this?
With 9.1 it is as easy as 8.6.
Greatest difference is the MSDE you have to install additionally.
but this is done by veritas, so dont worry about.
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
I dont see any options to backup system state of active directory or anything like that.

I am able to check files for backup but thats all I've managed to work out.

Also how can I browse data on the tape once its written to confirm it is therE?
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
ok i found the "system state" bit.

Now If I select that for backup along with my shared files, how can I restored the system state?

Would I be able to install a fresh copy of windows 2003, then load up veritas and select the option and just restore system state and it will do its think?
> Would I be able to install a fresh copy of windows 2003, then load up veritas and select the option and just restore system state and it will do its think?
Install fresh 2003, install Veritas, Inventory the Tape and Restore everything including Systemstate.
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
I just noticed the system state only appears to come under "shadow copies services"

I don't want partital backups of this as my hard drive might be dead and I would need full backups. How can i select a full backup of the system state?
It's not possible to backup Systemstate without Shadow copies Service.
When used, it backups a full state, not a partial.
When backing up make sure that you have the Open file option enabled so that any open files also get backed upas well as the options "WeHe" described.  If the hard drive does go then just reinstall the os with the server name as it was before and as a dc then install veritas and do full system restore. This should do the trick
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
Hi andrew,

I opened another Veritas question here:

Maybe you can help on that one?
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