Internet Explorer: how to "save as" using shortcut ctrl+s / how to set save-as-type

Now and then I need to save a page as html in Internet Explorer. I use IE6, W2K. I really annoys me that the CTRL+S option to save the page is greyed out, and "save as" doesn't have a shortcut (like CTRL+shift+S in Photoshop). I want to be able to use my keyboard to save a page. How can I change this?

Furthermore, IE has several options for saving a page. I want the pure HTML, as it is served, no changes, no images etc. The option to save everything in one package is great, but for me only now and then. I want to have the save-type set to html-only as default, and now it's quite random what appears. Can I set this and how?
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If you use Opera instead it will do a great deal of help because Opera is best standard famous web browser when it comes to things like that you have mentioned or looking farward to have. Opera has special keyboard and mouse functionality. You can use Opera for free but some ads will be displayed and it's no problem because those ads are all small and don't consume much bandwidth and are replayed once they are stored in the cache and are updated after a certain period. I really recommend Opera and nothing else will do. Consider it and only it. Now, Opera 7.6 is released and I always use the latest and the best but this time I am very busy so I didn't install it yet. I downloaded it some 10 days ago and have to take peep at it. Don't look back. Go for it. And reinstall your Internet Explorer to fix your problem. You can use IE fix to reinstall it. You can also remove IE from the Windows Components. Even if you remove IE from the windows components IE will still be there in the installed drive program files.

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grexxAuthor Commented:
Well thanks for your advice. I've used Opera for several years, up till last year as my default browser. Since then Firefox is my preferred and default browser. But that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking to change certain settings in IE and don't need advice about other browsers.
Hi, I don't know why the save option is greyed out, but would you try using another browser if it works better than IE?  Try using Mozilla Firefox which you can get at:

You can use ctrl+s to save a webpage.
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If you want just the straight HTML code saved follow these steps for Internet Explorer

1.  From the file - edit - view top bar - View - Source
2. Save the file from notepad as xxx.html

This will give you the straight html, no images or anything else - all in one file.

Another option is to File Save As - and select the file type Web Archive - .mht - this is a merged html file, which will include the images and html code in one file.
grexxAuthor Commented:
To be clear, I know how to "save as". I just want to know whether it's possible to have the greyed out "save" function working, or to assign a keyboard shortcut to "save as".  

I tried the IEfix program. That had some great annoyances in it. First I needed the install cd, then I needed the service pack 4 cd (didn't even know it existed), so I had to unpack the sp4-executable to find the files it wanted, and then still it didn't work out completely well, because it still couldn't remember where the files came from but then didn't have the option to browse to those files again. Sadly, it didn't change anything.
This must be the registry problem. Try using IE with different user profile to know if the user settings are screwed or IE system settings as a whole. Any further suggestions and more addons like the correct registry responcible for this kind of results are welcome. Goodday.

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Hi grexx :-),
Since we haven't heard from you for a couple of days could you please give us an update on the status of this question?
See: Thank you, turn123's friendly update request script.
Offtopic comments about this script to please :-).
grexxAuthor Commented:
Way12go's answer seems to be the most promising, although the IEFix tip was good to try, and good to be aware of. IEFix didn't work, because it had problems finding the files it needed. So I don't know if it would have solved the problem. I've logged in as another user, and then had the same problem. So if it's the registry, then it's not user specific.

I'll leave the question open for a while.
If you a fast typer you can do like I do on a lot of apps and type the crazy thing in.

Alt f a Alt+s

Do it enough and you won't notice what a nucence it is :-).
grexxAuthor Commented:
I closed the question and split the points, because it's time to clean up! Haven't found the solution though. I found out that our servers are having the same problem. I'm using Windows 2000 Server, so it might be in this install for some reason. It's not a big issue, just annoying.
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