Automatic reformat of XSL files occuring

My XSLT files that sit in the web directory get reformatted and contain strange characters such as small rectangles. Am I missing a formatting command or something? I am editing in notepad as I have to terminal services to the machine.

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Duane LawrenceCommented:
Notepad, that implies the OS is a Windows something or other.  What is the exact OS on the remote PC?  On the PC you are using?

Terminal service, yet another Microsoft product, should not be an issue there, I use it all the time.  

I take it you don't get an error message, right?  Post it if you do.

Small rectangles means it is an ASCII character that is not in the font set you are using.  This is very remote, but I have seen messed up font files do this, but normally it is what is displayed on the screen.  Get a binary editor, Ultraedit is a good one, this will allow you to figure out if the number 107 is an A (or what ever it really is) and then see if it is displaying the proper thing.

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What are you using Binary or ascii comunication?

You should use Ascii, I've seen errors like this when binary is used.

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