Directory Replication

I have 2 sites - one main and one remote - have a directroy mapped as a drive for all users called "public" Currently the remote users access this directory off the server in the main location over a high speed WAN link - I would like them to access this off a local server...and create some sort of replication between the 2 sites.  What method can I use to do this?  Is DFS a possibility?  Is there an easier simpler way?  Site to site we have a multilinked 3mb T1 pipe.
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how much data do you have to replicate?
DFS could do exactly this. DFS is "automatic" for the most part but is a more complex technology that is mainly used for many servers/shares.
You could also just map them to the local server via logon script and use Robocopy to copy the data.
Robocopy would be manual for the most part (althought you can schedule it) but it if you don't have much data to replicate it might be

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DFS will do it, im moving away from DFS though purely as it is too finiky! .... Im looking around at 3rd party file replication tools to do the job and one im trialling sucessfully at the moment is vice versa at - I also am looking at

These tools are simple and easy to set your own custom schedules.
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
The directory I am looking at has several subdirectories in it - it has about 22 GB of data - there are not huge amounts of file changes, additions, or deletions on a daily basis, but there are some.

I too have been looking at some third party tools - as Antknee869 states above DFS might actually be more than I need in terms of functionality - I have a very simple goal here - it might be best to purchase a tool specifically designed to achieve that goal.
DFS will work and it is easy to set up. However if something goes wrong, it is difficult to troubleshoot. You may want to try RoboCopy the version in the 2003 resource kit contains many new features.
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
thanks folks - I'll close this out
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