How to have other people's tasks or calendar popup reminders for you

Can anyone tell me if their is a way to have other users' calendar appointments or even tasks popup a reminder for me without actually having to be logged into that account?

I am using Outlook 2003, and have a department who uses a shared calendar to mark times when something has to be done by. The only way to actually receive a reminder popup about the event, as far as I can tell is to actually be logged into that email profile.

I want it to work so that they can just have the calendar added to their profile, for example down in the "other calendars" area and be reminded. Surely there is a way to do this?

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When you log in as that user, you are accessing the mailbox that is your default delivery point.  When you view someone elses calendar you are not.  Therefore reminders will not fire.

If you set up a public folder shared calendar, the users should have the option to automatically copy any item they create to their default calendar, which will cause the reminder to be triggered as expected.

Reminders only trigger from within the primary Calendar or Task folders. Primary folders reside where you receive messages. When you set up an e-mail service, you designate either your mailbox Inbox or your personal folders (.pst) file Inbox as the mail delivery point.


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MooliganAuthor Commented:
Excellent, I was looking for a Microsoft article just like that just couldn't find it.

Any idea how you would set the calendar up to do that? I am looking and reading and I think it is done through the properties of the calendar, administration,  and selecting the folder assistant. For whatever reason though all our calendar's seem to have that greyed out, suspecting some sort of exchange server setting which I don't control, calling them...
How you would set up a Public Folder calendar?  That would be best directed to your Exchange Admin, to determine who has authority to create new Public Folders.

Or are you asking something different??

Any invitees to the appointment will get an invite and if they accept will get a popup reminder.
MooliganAuthor Commented:
Yes I see that now, I never really understood public folders but now see them down their on the folder list. It looks like a feature that we don't really use.

Waiting on a response from an exchange admin regarding it.

MooliganAuthor Commented:
Accepted answer - that article pretty much explained it. Unfortunately public folders are not used in our environment which looks to be the feature required to gain this reminder functionality.

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