Forcing MAP drive to be deleted. URGENT

I'm running a map drive disconnection using dos command:
NET USE z: /delete

and sometimes it says:
There are open files and/or incomplete directory searches pending on connection to z:
Is it ok to continue disconnectind and force them closed? Y:N

How can I force that automaticley to Y, and not having that message to prompt me for Y or N?


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Not sure about your method, but I use this method to delete mappings and have had no issues:
@echo off
If %OS% == Windows_NT GOTO WINNT
Echo The batch did not detect Windows NT, using Win9x

net use q: \\server\sharename /persistent:no

net use q: \\server\sharename


Above is a copy of a login script i use. This script checks the OS & runs the appropriate net use command. The key point here is for Windows 2000 & above is the /persistent:no switch. This stops these OS's from 'keeping' the mapped share. I don't know how u map drives at your  location but i use login scripts. I don't allow users to map drives themselves. By using scripts u can change mapping without having to 'visit' each PC. Let me know
jdffAuthor Commented:
I'm using the same script method but I first delete the map and then recreat them but the problem seams to happen on the deletion. It ask me to force the deletion.

If u r using the '/persistent:no' switch for Win2K & XP PC's then u dont need to delete first. Try removing the 'delete' piece, as u really don't need it.
net use z: /delete /yes
will do the trick.

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