Printer Properties Window Takes A Long Time

Hi, i am trying to view the properties on two of my printers both are installed on my Windows 2003 SBS Server and when i go to right click each one and view its properties it takes ages to display the window.  Sometimes it takes 20 minutes, other times its instant and sometimes it just doesn't appear at all.  The same thing also happens when i go to add a printer, sometimes instant other times it just doesnt appear at all.  Different terminal sessions on the server have differnet results.  If i am terminaled in and so is another person and we both try to view printer properties we both get varied results.  Speed of server is not a problem as its running Dual Xeons and 4 GB ram. Boths printers are on CAT5 lan connections and network infrastructure is also not a problem.

Thanks for any replies.
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Usually a network traffic problem.
If you  are using bidirectional proprietary ports(Jetdirect etc) try using standard tcp/ip ports.
Disable bidirectional communication, disable advanced printing properties..

On the printers, disable any unused protocols (NetBEUI, IPX?SPX Appletalk,etc )

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Also, if using staandard TCP/IP ports, try changing the port from 9100 to LPR (queuename print).
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