Installing Samba 3.0.9

Hello experts:

I have just installed a fresh copy of  RedHat Enterprise WS.  I selected not to install Samba from the Linux install because I had downloaded the most recent, stable version 3.0.9.  I've copied the samba.3.0.9.tar.gz to the Linux box, and have run the following commands:

1) ./configure
2) make
3) make install
4) make installbin
5) make installman

No error codes were returned.  I'm having trouble determining if Samba is even running, I can't open SWAT from a local web page, and I'm getting rather frustrated.  How can I tell if it has been installed successfully, is running [and if not, how to start and stop it], and get SWAT to work properly.

Any help appreciated.

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to see if samba is running .
ps -ef | grep smbd

to run samba and configure read this , basically you have to edit the config files

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   IMHO, the official How-to will be better since you have SAMBA latest version.

You'll also have to install swat.

I also suggest you use webmin ( With this tools you can use a webbrowser to manage your system, including samba and others. This makes it easier than if you have to go through the smb.conf file manually.
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escheiderAuthor Commented:
I've seem to have gotten the samba 3.0.7 running just fine ... although I am having difficulties finding swat.  Any suggestions?
I think you have to restart xinetd to have SWAT running

service xinetd restart

also verify that your /etc/services  file contains the following line
swat           901/tcp

before restarting xinetd

after that try
http://localhost:901  on your browser

also read

At the moment swat doesn't seem to be available at the samba site. You might be able to install it via your distribution, it is often part of it. Use your package manager to try to find it

> having difficulties finding swat.  Any suggestions?
If SAMBA is working, then you don't need SWAT.
All you need is edit /etc/samba/smb.conf (or /etc/smb.conf) later on.

rindi's suggestion that webmin is a very convenient tool with SAMBA configuration through web browser.
You might want to try it.

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