I bought a USB to PS/2  converter because
I want to use my Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard with
my Acer Aspire computer, with Windows 98 installed.

The converter is made by company called "ednet."
There is no CD with the product.

When I connect the keyboard to the computer via
the converter, it will not type.
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I've had a hunt and can't find the drivers on the net.....all I can suggest is that you mail the edNet support team and see if they can give you some Win98 drivers for it:-

Good Luck


P.S.  What happens when you plug the usb into your pc?  Does it detect it as an unknown device ?
Have you got the ohci driver running ?

Sry .... does it load "openhci.sys" at startup ?

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From my experience, most keyboards/mice don`t work very well with USB->PS/2 converters.
But there is a microsoft original converter, if you get one, it might work.
Maybe you should go a whole other way and get a USB PCI card,
Then you can use your keyboard and also have some spare USB ports for other stuff.
Good Luck!
what type of plug  is it on the keyboard just so i know which way it is converting it  

is it usb or ps/2  

becuase going from a ps/2 to a usb is quite hard   because you have 6 pins down to four and you should need some serious stuff to do that like a capable board and software

Some keyboards will not work with adapters unless they came with it. Same goes for mice.
These small extentsion is something you can buy in just about any hardware shop and they do not hold any drivers, that's why you haven't got a CD for it.
Normally, if you would run Windows 98 with the USB device you could have some problems since Windows 98 is not
fully compatible with USB (It is, if you like Bluescreens).
I would suggest that, if possible, download some third party drivers for your keyboard and then run it as USB rather
than via a PS2 converter. Normally the converters works just fine and if you do encounter problems, this is usually narrowed down to the BIOS.
What you probably need to do is to configure your BIOS and disable USB Legacy support (unless you have other USB devices) and then it should work just fine.
bossssAuthor Commented:
When I initially plugged the USB into the PC, the "Add New hardware"
wizard automatically appeared, I followed few steps, then it started to copy
file, but  after copying 25%  it asked for "Windows 98" CD to be inserted.

There is a "System Recovery" CD that came with the Acer computer
with the words "Microsoft Corporation" written on it. Is that the same as "Windows 98" CD. This is the only CD that came with the computer.

Can I insert the"System Recovery" CD  when the "Add New hardware" wizard ask me to insert the "Windows 98" CD.

My computer science knowledge is limited, therefore I can not tell whether
it load "openhci.sys" at startup or if  the  ohci driver is running
the recovery cd  should be the same  if not well  then i guess the cd might be for extra things that came your computer      pop it in and try i guess   since one never knows


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bossssAuthor Commented:
I inserted the "System Recovery" CD when
asked by the "Add new hardware" wizard to insert "Windows 98" CD

The keyboard now type while connected to the
computer via the converter.
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