Problem with airport base station dhcp and network

Hello we have an apple airport base station on our network that is broadcasting the following being picked up by our syslog server:

004-11-30 14:13:50      Local1.Info      0003 400 DHCP SERVER Offered         | Offering:  To: FFFFFFFFFFFF  By:

The offering address is variable.

For some reason, intermittent network outages (other machines incapable of recieving dhcp info or browsing, etc.) began happening shortly after this client was put on the network.  Now I know the client isnt distributing ips to the ethernet side of the network (Our side) because that option is not selected (Verified via phone conversation).  At first I thought this might be like a rouge dhcp server on the network which would cause trouble... but maybe not?

Why is my problem occuring.  What does this line mean?  Why is it being broadcast outside of the airports wireless network?  How do I block it?  How do I block the airport from sending any information outbound period without interfering with needed dhcp info and interior machines?  I cant filter dhcp based on the source and destination due to equipment restraints, and it needs a dynamic ip.  The airport has to recieve its ip address via dhcp.  I also at this time cannot replace or access the airport and must supply the client with the appropriate directions.  My hands are kind of tied.  If I had my way I get rid of the thing.  I have nopractical knowledge of the way an airport works, so complete references would be cool.  

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Since you already have a DHCP server on your network, I would disable DHCP on the Airport Base Station. The other DHCP server will provide addresses to the Base Station AND the wirelessly connected computers.

Using Airport Admin Utility, select the Base Station & enter the password. Uncheck "Distribute IP Addresses" in the Network area. Save.

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Indeed looks like your Airport is distributing ips acting as DHCP server (as shown by the part "  | Offering:  To: FFFFFFFFFFFF  By: ").  How do you want to stop a radio signal? Do you actually mean that some machines need to receive signal from the airport and some don't? if this is the case then you need to make sure that the hosts only connect to the correct DHCP server by blocking them to access the airport. I this is not the case then you'll need to provide some topology info on your setup.
RebelnorthAuthor Commented:
The problem hasnt occoured again so far...

We had the user stop distributing their clients ip addresses, and just recieve dhcp from us.  I was unaware of the bridging nature of the Base station... I was thinking of it as a router, in other words it wouldnt pass dhcp packets unless told to, or at least as I understand it.  Thinking along the lines of a router it didnt make sense to me that the clients on the other side of the base station would be able to recieve the dhcp data.

Oh well.

Answer 1 is correct per what we did.  (we really have no way of proving it was the problem, just that it was a problem that began when the other one began)

Answer 2 is also correct in regards to what could be done were we to have both dhcp running at the same time.  Which we did not do.

Answer 1 is more exact then answer 2.  Answer 1 400, 2 100....
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