running a VNC like software over the internet

I'm curious if anyone out there knows of a software package that is like VNC, but with a twist...  I have some friends who are constantly needing troubleshooting help.  I would really like to not have to run over there every time they need help.  We both have broadband connections, behind nat routers.  Is there any software out there that would allow me to connect to a server program running on one of their computers via a port forward on their router, and THEN indicate which internal ip i'd like to go to on their end?  if not, i have to change the port forward rule every time a different person on the network has a problem... any help would be greatly appreciated.
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just forward different ports to different internal ip's and then  you sue vnc to connect to the differeent ports
zerofieldCommented: would do exactly what you're asking to do.  it has a repeater function thats essentially a proxy to the inside net.  i use it here at work so that i can hit one ip from the outside world that'll work on any of the hundreds of workstations here.

on your small network, consider that if you run the repeater, do it on a port other than 5900, or run the vnc server on the PC that has the repeater on a port other than 5900, cus both the repeater and vnc server default to that port.  it's easier to run the vnc server on all machines, run the repeater on say, port 5901, and port forward the router or home firewall the 5901 port.  from there, once you open the vnc viewer on ultravnc, you'll see what to do.  there's a value for the repeater - fill that in, and put in the ip on their side of the network you want to hit.

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