Poblem creating index - increase number of open indexes?

I am creating a large number of tables and need to create indexes on them. If I execute just one table create sql statement and one index create statement it works fine (so no problem with syntax!) But when I create many tables it comes up with the error:

Cannot find an available index descriptor for an index. Increase the value of 'number of open indexes'. If sp_configure fails due to lack of index descriptors, edit the configuration file and restart the server.
Server Message:  Number  8424, Severity  17

I need to change the 'number of open indexes' - but how?

Thanks, Alex
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Jan FranekCommented:
You can check current setting with: exec sp_configure "number of open indexes"
You can set new value with: exec sp_configure "number of open indexes"

Check the output after setting new value - it should tell you, wheter you need to restart your server.

Other possible way is to edit this value in the configuration file of your server (usually it's $SYBASE/your_server_name.CFG) and restart your server.

If you are not DBA of your server, you will probably need his/her assistance.
Jan FranekCommented:
There's one more way - via SQL Central - right click on name of your server, choose Configure, find "number of open indexes" and set new value.

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Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You've already been given the correct answer, but there was a small typo. You set the new value with:

exec sp_configure "number of open indexes", [new number]

But what to set it to? Try:

exec sp_countmetadata "number of open indexes"

It will report on how many indexes permanenntly exist in all databases in this server. It won't count temporary indexes that the optimiser sometimes creates, so you should oversize its results by 10%>

While you're at it, you should also run sp_countmetadata against "number of open objects" (oversize by 25%) and "number of open databases" (good to have some space, oversize by 10 - not 10%, but 10). You change both of these using sp_configure as well.

Good luck!
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