Do I need equall number of Licenses (CALS) on each of my two domain controllers?

Hi all:

I am installing a new domain controller which will be a slave to the one I have now.
Do I need to have a license (CALS) for all users who will primarily authenticate on my original domain controller?
Keeping in mind the controller would come into use should the first one go down.


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you do not need any more licenses,,, the CAL is just what the name suggests,  a CLIENT access license. Meaning the client has the license and can access as many servers as he/she would like with that license.

You do not need cals depending on how you setup the server and licensing.  As long as you install your servers in per seat mode you are good.  

Take a quick look at this.
fletch,,, im sorry but you are incorrect and the article you posted even says that you DO need a CAL to LEGALLY connect to a server if you are in per seat mode (technically the article isn't 100% correct either),, see below :

However, there is a third license that is required for legally connecting client and server over a network: a Client Access License, or CAL.

There are actually 2 licensing models for windows 2000 server, per seat (CAL) and per server (or per connection).

if you use per seat, each client has a CAL and can connect to as many servers at he/she would like
if you use per server (per connection) each connection to the server needs a license.

depending on your setup it could be cheaper to use either one.

for exampe if your clients connect to alot of servers, per seat is the cheapest.
if your clients only connect to one server at a time per server is usually the cheapest.


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You are right, that is what I get for answering late at night.  I meant to say you don't need 2 cals if you use per seat mode.  

My post should have read "you do not need 2 cals" as opposed to you do not need cals.

bostechieAuthor Commented:
Don't sweat it fletch72.  I appreciate your response and the info the link provides is excellent.
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