Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Server

windows 2000 server
exchange server is housed on the one server

I set up a new computer in active directory  (computer name larry   domain weston)
I set up a new user account in active directory (domain user group, management group)

it is a laptop that was registered with a previous employee so when I go into my computer/properties it says registered to bridget

I was able to log ontop the network with the new user (larry) I was able to map network drive, I was able to give him internet access.

I am not able to access certain feature such as change setting in tcp/ip protocol says don't have permission to do this.  I am unable to change the permissions with my admin acccount as well???

I also do not know how to set this individual up for email using outlook

I right click outlook properties
up comes internet accounts
I select add
I type in a display name of Larry baider
I type in email address  (which is the email address I set up in active directory in exchange)

next is email server names
our server name is server
so under incoming mail (pop3)  I type server
and under outgoing mail (smtp) I type server

I enter his user name and password and select connect using my lan
says I completed everything corretly yet I'm not able to send or receive email

I check other computer outlook settings and it looks completely different.  I'm the new ad min and never set up outlook account on an exchange server before.

Any help. set by set help would be great..

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first of all I would suggest you download the Exchange Server Deployment Guide at  According to Microsoft, "This guide provides installation and deployment information for intermediate and advanced administrators planning to deploy Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003."  I think that's about as comprehensive as you'll get.

also check this pre answerd quistion to get rid of AD and exchange issues....
WestonGroupAuthor Commented:
I'm not running Exchange server 2003

its 2000

Do you have any suggestion for 2000

the local machines run XP  

Everything is static  no DHCP is running

"I am not able to access certain feature such as change setting in tcp/ip protocol says don't have permission to do this.  I am unable to change the permissions with my admin acccount as well???"

Your DOMAIN administrator account doesn't have LOCAL administrator access. go into the local users and groups on the laptop, open the administrators group and add the domain admins group to the local administrators group.

"so under incoming mail (pop3)  I type server
 and under outgoing mail (smtp) I type server"

1) These settings are for POP3/SMTP NOT exchange native communications if your trying to use exchange native communications your up the wrong tree by far. odds are your using outlook 2000 small business in workgroup mode which doesn't support exchange native. change the outlook mode to corporate and it'll work.
2) your not entering the FQDN of the server. Is this user going to take the laptop home? will they expect the laptop to be able to send/receive e-mail from there? if so these settings won't work.

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