Multi Session DVDs

I am using the lastes version of nero 6.x to burn Data DVDs without any problems, however when trying add data later to the same DVD, most of time only data from the last session are visible even when reading from recent DVD-Roms/Burners, I tried several differnet brands including mine (I own An 8X LG GSA-4082 Burner), didn't work.

I ensured the multi seesion data option was checked.

I am using Windows xp service pack 2.
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is all data visible  when reading the disk in your recorder drive? i had this problem once with CD, the old readerr wasn´t MultiSession-compatibles.
a_anis3000Author Commented:
No, I am only able to see data in the last seesion in my DVD-Burner. I am Aware of the fact that to be able to read a multi-session DVD/CD the CD/DVD drive has to support multi session too. Most recent DVD/CD drives are multi session capable, I just bought my DVD burner a month ago, and most of the DVD-Roms/Burnes I tried supported multi seesion discs. I even tried the multi session DVDs I burned in my friend's plextor DVD burner that he bought a week ago with the same results.

Also note this is a DVD issue not CD, so far I had no problems burning and reading multi session CDs with my burner. By the way which is the correct term that describes a DVD that has been burned more tha once. Unlike CDs, I heard it is rather called multi border DVD not multi session.
Be sure do to this:

1) Insert DVD
2) Run Nero
3) Add files/data (as soon as you add the 1st thing it should import the old session)
If it doesn't import the old session then thats where your problem lies. You should always make sure you have  your CD/DVD in the drive before you open the burner software so that the software recognizes you have a session on it and to read it to add the other info.


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a_anis3000Author Commented:
Thanks DoTheDEW335 I am going to try read the DVD on multi seesion DVD-Roms and hopfully it works to. One more thing in case nero doen't automatically import session, how do I do it manually?

Also as far as I know I can burn a maximum number of 50 sessions to a CD, what about DVDs.
I'm honestly not sure about the max sessions. As far as importing it I have never had to manually do it so I couldn't tell you. I just do the steps I noted above and it works for me every time.  I looked on my Nero and I don't see where it would be to import it but I didn't look 100% .
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