Cable modem gives wrong ip to my routers wan port.

Hello folks!

How's life with you guys? Well mine could better, i have a really bad headache but anways let's get 2 tha point :)
I have a COM21 Cable modem and i have cable internet ( is my isp) and i have a sitecom DC201 cable router. I plugged the internet cable from my cable modem to my wan port on my router, but my cable router gives wrong ip to my router, ho wcan i solve it can anyone help? i have DHCP on both routers
thnx alot


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what do you mean wrong ip?
you have internal and external ip's
lets say the external ip is
then you hook up a router, then the internal ip will be what the default is (lets use a dlink in this example) then the dilink will give out ip's of the 192.168.0.x (the default for dlink is
now if you connect it up to a M$ router then the wan port of the M$ would be 192.168.0.x
but the defalt for m$ is
so the M$ router wil then give out 192.169.2.(2-254)
wo any machine hooked up tpo the M$ router will have an internal ip of 192.168.2.x
while the external ip (from the isp) will be
footstepsAuthor Commented:
hi, thnx for response :) i mean internal ip adres let me explain the situation a bit,

when i plug my internet cable directly to my network card the dhcp of the cable modem gives me the following ip:

subnet mask:

but when i plug my internet cable in to my wan port on router i get this:

Physical Address: 00-50-fc-c8-df-2f
I.P. Address:
Network Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Client: Enable

mindly strange i guess, thnx for the help

footstepsAuthor Commented:
i mean external since it is internet from my isp via cabelmodem COM21, ofcourse! my mistake :P
thanx bro's


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Nothing strange there, they are using dhcp (dynamic host configuration protocol)
They have a pool of address they give out, and when you disconnect, the address you have is released, for someone else to use, and when you reconnect they give you another address.You usually have to pay extra for a "static" address, one that will stay the same

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this tells me that
>>DHCP Client: Enable
Now, if you are paying for a stqatic ip, then you need toclone the mac adress of the computer (most routers have this feature in the router configuration page)
they use the mac address to determine who to give what static ip's to
footstepsAuthor Commented:
thnak you i solved it i cloned the mac of my network card into my router and then it worked, seems like some els got my mac adres already. greets footsteps
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