Sharing a Shared Printer

Is it possible to share a printer that is already shared on another PC?

I have a LaserJet printer connected via USB at one of my remote locations. It is shared and I can print to it from other PCs at that location. However, I want to set it up on my server (which I can do) at my corporate office and then share the printer via the server for printing from additional remote offices.

The reason that I need to do this is because my corporate office can "see" all of my remote offices, but the remote offices cannot "see" each other. However, I'd like for users in various offices to be able to print to this shared LaserJet.

Any ideas? I don't really want the offices to be able to see each other.


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Not sure if that will work or not, the best way is to try it
You may also want to consider a print server and use tcp printing

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sbarrierAuthor Commented:
I've already tried it, and I can setup the printer on the server, but I can't share the printer once it has been setup on the server. It shows that it is shared in the printer properties, but I can't see it in the directory and the sharing icon (little hand) is not present.

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Well, quick answer is no, you can't share a shared printer.  I agree with stevenlewis - install a print server on your network and plug the printer into it.  If you want to make this transition "smooth" for everyone in that office, then you can keep it so that one workstation provides the printer share for that office.  All you have to do is go into the properties of the printer and change the port from USB to the LPR port (follow the instructions with the print server to set up the port properly).

For your remote offices, you can either set up each PC to point directly to the print server or set up a local machine as a print server and point everyone to it.

As far as print servers go, HP is always a safe choice.  They cost more than others, but they work!

HP Jetdirect 175x USB to fast ethernet print server

On the server, set up the printer as a local printer but select 'Local port'

Then put in the UNC path to that printer


or whatever the NETBIOS name of the shared resource is.  You may want to make sure guest account is enabled on the remote box sharing the physical resource
BrianClark72403 should get support points on this.  His solution works at least with XP sharing and a Win2K3 Server mapping and re-sharing that printer.

Some institutions are stingy about giving out static IP's and although I agree a print server/jet direct solution is perferable, it is expensive and doesn't fit all solutions.

Thanks BrianClark72403 as this saved us in our situation!
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