Problem hosting site on home computer with Optimum Online broadband.

So I'm trying to host a website on my home machine and then access this site from my work machine.  I believe that Optimum Online blocks port 80 so have have my web server listening on port 3390 which I believe is open.  I also believe that my job blocks most outbound ports so trying to connect to port 3390 (or any other port for that matter other than 80) from my work computer was not an option.  To get around this problem, I set up a web hop with which redirects all requests to the address they provide me to the ip of my home machine and port 3390.  When I go to the address provided by DynDns, it appears to do the redirection as it says in the status bar that its attempting to connect to the ip of my home machine.  Still, eventually the browser reports back that the page is has been moved or is temporarily unavailable.  If I access my DynDns address from my home machine, it works fine properly pulling the page from my web server.  BTW, I don't have a router at home and I run ZoneAlarm, but I've tried turning the firewall off and still no luck accessing my home machine from work.
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BTW, I recommend getting a router (just for the hardware firewall)
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Although a lot of ISPs are blocking port 25 to prevent mx relays, I doubt whether your ISP is blocking port 80...  It would cause a lot of problems for them that I am sure they do not want to troubleshoot.  (Not saying that they cannot block this port though..:)

If I were you, I would ask a freind outside your workplace, that has an open connection to the net to test these ports for you.  Additionally, I agree completely with Steven that you need a router to handle the port forwarding on your perimeter network LAN..  Easy to setup, and much more reliable and secure..

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