Checking if a Field is NULL!

I have a Script that I wan to check and see if a certain field is NULL, if it is not NULL I am going to write/print several fields from a Doc to a text file. If this one Field is NULL, I do not want to print/write, just go on to the next field I am checking ..

I am not sure if I use the ISNULL or doc.field=NUL. I am having problems getting anything to work..

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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
First, check if the (notes)item exists.  Then, if it exists, you can check for the empty string with a conversion to text (there are other possibilities)

if doc.hasitem( "YourField" ) then
if doc.getfirstitem("YourField").text = "" then
' empty string ! ok !  This works for numbers, dates, strings, that are empty OR null
end if

' no field - ok !

end if

sub doOK()
' code to execute
end sub
if doc.<yourfieldname>(0) ="" then
msgbox "it's empty"
end if

Notes does not have a concept of NULL for its fields.  The closest it comes is you can tell whether a field exists or not, and a non-existant field is generally equivalent to a null string.  In most cases, you won't find fields to be nonexistant at all, since that only occurs in special programming circumstances.

Within a form, fields generally don't have NULL values at all -- only blank value can exist.

So, I would just go with doc.Fieldname(0) = ""

the exception would be rich text fields, which are jut about impossible to check for empyiness.  The nest you can do, usually, is check the .Text value of them, and see if it is a blank string, which could be a bad test if the field contains just an embedded Excel file or a botmap image.

In addition, you can't check a rich text field for emptiness while the documentis being edited, since changes to the rich text field are not norally exposed until the document is closed.

That said, this code could chck either rich text or plain text:

Function IsFieldNull( doc As NotesDocument , fieldName As String) As Integer
    If doc.HasItem(fieldName)
        IsFieldNull = (doc.getFirstItem(fieldName).Text = "")
        IsFieldNull = True
    End If
End Function

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