Partially formated partition


I need a help with a really difficult problem.
I have had 3 partitions on a HDD. One day i decide to install WINXp. I've booted from CD, then I  erased 1-st partition where suppose to be brand new OS. When I removed 1-st partiton (without creating new partition) i pressed "enter" to install OS but...because there was no new partition created the WInXp started to format next available partition (2-nd where i have had all my data) .When i found out that somethings going wrong i pressed reset button to stop formatting 2-nd partition (FAT32). Is there any possibility to recover partially formatted partition ??

Thank you in advance

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You might want to check out GetDataBack.

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during the format process the disk partition is unmounted and cleared, basically wiping all data

i do not believe you can get any information back out here there,

however, you can TRY this free downlaod to see if the contents will show at all ... and if it does you can buy it and use it to recover ... no guarantee though as i believe the format is a critical wipe

i have used this on dead OS's and got all the data i needed back but i never formatted over a partition so i dunno if it wil lwork for you

another alternative is a NTFS file reader/copier that wil lalso read and copy fat32 ... it comes as FREEWARE with installs for bootable floppy and bootable cd
MurdocAuthor Commented:
Crazijoe...thanks for you link to a works perfectly

Sanctify ..i have to grant all points to crazijoe 'cause he was first person to answer and he gave me proper link to programm

Thanks for help guys
Glad to help.
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