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Refreshing Fields Automatically

Hello again people :)

I have a Contract form which, under it's properties, has "Automatically Refresh Fields" checked.
I have a table in this contract that looks something like this:

Editable Field                   Computed Field           Computed Field
Editable Field                   Computed Field           Computed Field
Editable Field                   Computed Field           Computed Field
Editable Field                   Computed Field           Computed Field
Total                               Total                           Total

Now, why is it that when I enter a value into any of the editable fields, the computed fields to the right of it refresh immediately, but the fields on the bottom - the total fields, won't refresh until I refresh the document?

Notes R5.
Total fields are computed number fields with formulas like:

Y1TotalUSD +
Y2TotalUSD +
Y3TotalUSD +
Y4TotalUSD +
Y5TotalUSD +

Thanks as always :)
3 Solutions
Automatically refresh fields does not work very well -- slow and quirky.  Has this odd algorithm to decide what gets refreshed.  In your case, moving from field to field triggers the refresh only across teh intervening fields, which are the ones to the right.  You will also find you have the problem if you change a value and then move UP instead of DOWN -- the other two columns won't update.

When I have this sort of arrangement, I write LotusScript functions to do the totals, and I have the functions called:
1) When exiting a field in the column, call the total function for that column
2) On recalc and/or save, call the functions for all the columns
Sometimes to do this kind of stuff, i Use input translation. IN the input translation of the field , i do the calculation

it might be a dirty alternative but it works

cLFlaVAAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone - I ended up using the solution described in Hemanth's link.

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