Outlook crashing

Hello i have a user that is running windows 98, and has outlook 2000 configured. I have just created a pst file, and pointed teh dilevery to this pst because we are preparing a migration. But now the outlook keeps crashing? I got a outlook caused a segment not present fault in module dibeng.dll.  I have changed teh dilevery back and rebooted , and will go check it now, but what do i do, i need to make this change?
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Just to clarify, Outlook 2000 starts with the OLD PST file but not with the NEW one?

The new PST file might be bad.  If your intention is to have a new profile try starting Outlook by clicking RUN and then typing in : "outlook.exe /cleanprofile" and clicking OK

If you want the old profile but a new PST file, try this instead "outlook.exe /cleanpst" and then OK
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
i want her using the pstfile I created. I tried typing outlook.exe/cleanpst , and it said it is not found?-
Your's doesn't have a space between the program name "outlook.exe" and the command line switch "/cleanpst" like mine does.  Also, you shouldn't be typing the quotation marks.

You want here using hte PST file you "created"???

Which I am taking means a new empty one?  If so then the /cleanpst switch will accomplish the same thing.
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Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
Hi eberhardt2329,
Patch the 98 box, including DirectX verifying all's ok with DXDIAG.  Update the display drivers.  Check there's not a silly number of fonts installed.  Run OfficeUpdate too.
Make sure your default printer is not something silly like Microsoft Fax.
My thinking is that dib... is device independent bitmap
usual disclaimers apply.  I'm away next week so don't expect a quick reply.
I think atheist is on the right track with updating display drivers, check this article out:


Not to be a doubting thomas, but if Outlook is chugging along fine, you open a new pst file and suddenly it starts crashing, how is that caused by the video driver.  Otherwise why was it working with the old PST.  

eberhardt2329's problem description seems to suggest that it works with one PST file but not the other.  Because it wasn't made absolutely clear, however, I asked this question "Just to clarify, Outlook 2000 starts with the OLD PST file but not with the NEW one?", which eberhardt2329 didn't answer.

So yes, the file mentioned can be caused by video card driver problems, and if Outllook doesn't open with any PST file then updating the video card driver is a logical step.  Normally that type of error would occur opening any Office document, not just outlook.  However, if the old PST file opens without problem and the new one doesn't then I think something else is the cause.

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eberhardt2329Author Commented:
fo some reason my post did not come through it seems to be working now, but I did not change anything what do you guys think
Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
Travel could be correct about a corrupt PST file, which outlook subsiquently repaired.
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