Windows 2003 Server DNS issues

I've got a windows 2003 Small business edition server with one NIC card. The server is plugged into a switcher. All other computers are plugged into the switcher. The switcher is plugged into the LAN port of a  sonic wall router/firewall, which then connects to the DSL modem via it's WAN port.

In the sonic wall i have set up all the settings from my ISP for the static DSL line. Including the ISPs DNS.

I have the Windows 2003 server running DHCP, and giving the sonic walls internet ip as the gateway address, and the windows 2003 server as the dns address.

I have windows 2003 running dns, and i put in the isp's dns address as the dns forwarders (not sure if i did that right).

As is, ,most of the client computers seem to be able to access the internet, and i suppose they can resolve correctly as well (if they can browse the web dns must be working).. but the server cannot resolve anything. I did nslookup on the server, and it just gets a time out from the dns. IT's also causing exchange to not be able to send email and all sorts of bad things.

So.. how i set up dns to work correctly (for both clients and server)
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Is the server pointing (only) to itself (the actual IP address, not for name resolution as well?
Here's something to start with:

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micamediaAuthor Commented:
yes.. the server is pointing only to iself.. somethings wrong with the way i set up dns.

I don't understand why the server can't resolve but client computers seem to be able to? Are they resolving via the isp and not going to the server? Shouldn't they be getting the dns the dhcp is giving out? if so how do they get resolved and the server can't resolve?

I have the dns servers log file it that would help.
You can check with "ipconfig /all" if your clients have the correct IP information; your setup seems to be correct, though.
Can you do a nslookup on the server using your ISP's DNS server?
with being replaced by your ISP's DNS server address.
The DNS client service is running OK on the server?
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