Unable to access Client Services for Netware

Here's a weird one.

Quick background - Our organization is tied to a ball and chain DOS application, that runs on a Novell 6.0 server.  The application does not run on any pure Novell client for XP and that they've only been able to get it to run using Microsoft's Client Service for Netware.

So, we just deployed 3 XP clients the other day and in trying to get work out all the little weird nuances that come with using the Microsoft client, the only thing remains is when a print job is submitted to a network printer (using a Novell queue), it prints out a banner page, which we want disabled since it is a waste of paper and toner.  

I found this issue discussed on the Microsoft Knowledgebase  (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;321522), but this is for Windows 2000.  Seems that there are a couple of simple checkboxes to uncheck in the properites for the Client Service for Netware.

Interestingly, on the XP machine(s), no matter who I'm logged in as (administrator to the local PC, domain admin, etc.), the properties button for the Client Service for Netware is greyed out.  

How do I un-grey the properties button, so that I can disable the annoying banner page?
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That's a NetWare 6.0 server.  Novell is a company.

That said, I'd say there's a problem here that runs deeper than the crippleware client that comes with Windows.  

I wish I could help you with your problem more directly, but since I avoid using that garbageware like the plague, I don't have any experiences to relate.  I do know that it has been discussed in this very forum that CSNW on WinXP has problems with printing to a NetWare queue without printing banners and/or extra page feeds.  I don't know what could be greying out your options like that, unless there's an obscure group policy setting or a missing secret registry entry that's not there just to annoy you into moving to an all-Microsoft environment.

Realize, here, that Microsoft has a vested interest in making thinks not work right whenever Windows is attached to a NetWare server.

What about the app doesn't like the Novell client32?  The only thing I can think of is something isn't set right, or the client has never been installed correctly.  

DOS apps don't run on NetWare, they run on the local machine, and only use NetWare resources.  If the DOS app needs IPX, for instance, you have to make sure IPX is configured on the client properly.   I have yet to meet a DOS app that I couldn't make run in a NetWare environment.

One of the "reasons" Microsoft and Microsoft-centric ISV's will give you for not using the Novell Client32 with their product is that it "causes corruption in our database."  That's a lie.  It's Opportunistic Locking and Delayed Writes that causes the database corruption, so if that's why the DOS app can't run using "any pure Novell client" then I say, try it again, only make sure you install and configure the client appropriately.
yep, sounds like they tried installing the Novell Client using IP only (remove IPX if present) and the DOS app is tied to IPX.  I agree with ShineOn - install the Client using a Custom install and select the option to install IP/IPX together.  Also, uncheck the option to install the other authentication processes (NMAS, etc.).

Just to endorse the above comments -- we had lots of problems with things like Foxpro not running with the Novell client under Windows 98 and Windows 2000, but no such problems with Windows XP and Client 4.83 and above. We install the client IPX only for faster logins and because we still have NetWare 4.2 in production.
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djhathAuthor Commented:
I typed up my original response rather quickly (brain was working much faster than the fingers typing) and noticed that I didn't complete the half thought in the statement:

"The application does not run on any pure Novell client for XP and that they've only been able to get it to run using Microsoft's Client Service for Netware."

The "they" referred to in the statement "they've only been..." is the actual software company saying they can't get their DOS application to work with a pure Novell client.  They're software actually does work with XP (SP1) as we have installed with a Novell client in that configuration.  However, with XP SP2, something somewhere changed where it will not work.  

They basically had to go back to the lab with this problem and said they'd see what they could do to try and get it to work.  I just got an e-mail from them saying that Microsoft and Novell both would not support it.

And to answer my own original question, I did eventually find a CSNW icon in the Control Panel where the beloved settings I was looking for had the Banner Page and Notification checkboxes checked.

I was originally looking for them under the properties of the Local Area Connection under My Network Places, since when the Novell Client is installed, the properties for it are accessible in that manner.

I will ask for the points to this question to be refunded.

However, I want to close by saying that I've ready a few threads that ShineOn and DSPoole have commented about the many shortcomings of Microsoft and have expressed their straight (non-sugarcoated, yet tactful) opinions and I want to say that I find them very entertaining, because I can only chuckle in complete agreement with you.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays.
One last parting thought:

So, you had it working with the Novell client on XP SP1, but it broke with SP2?  That sounds like an SP2 issue that should be addressed, rather than finding a workaround using Microsoft's crapware client...

can you say XP SP2 Personal Firewall enabled by default?
I don't think the firewall should have any impact on IPX traffic.
Any firewall worth sh...  oh, never mind... ;)
Why not PAQ it?  It's an interesting thread...
djhathAuthor Commented:
Sorry, could I request PAQ / refund?
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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