open source web crawlers?

Can anyone recommend an open source Java program that crawls the web? So far the best I have found is Heritrix ( However, it uses RAM rather than disk to store the list of URLs that it has already visited and the queue of URLs it has encountered but not visited. This is major limitation, since broad crawls (crawls of all links encountered) will consume many gigabytes. Thus, I am seeking a freely available web crawler written in Java that uses a bounded amount of RAM regardless of the size of the crawl.

Thank you!
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bobwood2000Author Commented:
Have either of you used any of these programs? Do you know which would be suitable for performing crawls of hundreds of millions of web sites while using only a bounded amount of RAM?

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I haven't personally, but if i'd needed a web crawler of any power then i'd have probably avoided Java
bobwood2000Author Commented:
Why would you avoid Java? Lots of developers have choosen to use Java for web crawlers. And, for distributed web crawlers, what could be better than using J2EE?
>>Why would you avoid Java?

Because Java's html-oriented libraries are weak and also for something like this, you need as small a footprint and as fast a performance as possible, and native code is better for that.

>>Lots of developers have choosen to use Java for web crawlers

Well, there are a lot of Java programmers around these days ;-)
bobwood2000Author Commented:
Okay, I'll try to justify using Java for this. Let me know if I'm overlooking something.

1. I need a memory footprint that does not grow with the number of pages crawled. Whether the memory is footprint is bounded by 1/2 GB or 1 GB of memory does not matter too much for this application.

2. I probably won't use html-oriented libraries, because I would rather just use regular expressions to parse the web pages. My thinking is that regular expressions will be faster by perhaps multiple orders of magnitude; forming html parse trees is ridiculously slow in all languages.

3. CPU usage might be higher in Java, but I would guess by not more than 25%. (Does that seem about right?) I'd be very willing to rent an extra couple of servers in order to avoid dealing with segmentation faults.

Am I overlooking anything?
No that seems about right. Your crucial point is 2. If you're *not* going to use Java html processing then you're in with a good chance
Having said that, of course if you end up having to write custom code to perform 2. then that hardly reflects well on Java, the 'language of networking' ;-)

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