CD copy protection :)

I know that this question was asked a lot of times but here is again :)

I have created a game and of course that game needs some kind of copy protection.
Basicly all i want is that game after install search for original CD and if it's original, game start othervise just quits.

I know that protection like that can be cracked (i just want to stop common users to copy a cd to their friends).
That protection should stop users from copying cd with Clone CD, Nero, Alcohol.....

I don't mind to pay for CD copy protection software also I don't mind getting it for free so if you have any ideas please assist...

Thank you!

P.S. Sorry for my english but it's not my native language.
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You'll probably want to look into something like this:

Hope that leads ya in the right direction! :)


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Taken from:

"First go to:

Best home-user protection that I know is (free)
But you need to use with CDRWin.
However bee careful with Step2 option ;)"
cd copy protection like that is useless .. there is nothing out that hasnt been cracked .. all they need is a virtual drive or no cd hack to replicate the cd in the system ..and every gamer who has spent more than a few weeks playing games knows where to go and who to go to to get one,

the only time-proven protection is the unique user key route with an authentications server, even then it can be cracked running a filter preventing authentication, unless you require that to run (of the ports are filtered or done offline)
marino123Author Commented:
Thanks to o2slim and elbereth21, I will checkout both and see what will I get.

yes I know that all of those protections can be cracked, also as I stated in my question I want to prevent common users from simply copying CD with tools like clone CD.
Unique user key route with an authentications server is good solution but not in my case.
actually it would be alot cheaper solution, and you, as a programmer could do it quite easily with a web host supporting server side scripting and a database :)

good luck to you
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