Minimizing and closing a full screen projector with custom flash buttons.

I am presenting my CD-ROM in full screen, I do not want to display the windows titlebar.  I have already in place, 2 flash buttons with no action script on them.  I need to make one button minimize the Director Projector and the other button to close the director projector with a prompt first asking the user YES or NO.  I dont think I have any Buddy API instances left to use.  I think I am already using the 2 free instances of Buddy API.
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kishfyAuthor Commented:
OK, I found the lingo needed to minimize and close the full screen application.  I do, however, still need either the javascript code or lingo code to bring up a box that says "Are you sure You Want To Quit" with Yes & No Buttons.  Sorry for the pre-mature posting of the above stuff.
kishfyAuthor Commented:
Here is my code for the quit button, if it helps:

on mouseEnter
  sprite(9).member = "closeover"

on mouseLeave
  sprite(9).member = "closeup"

on mouseDown
  sprite(9).member = "closedown"
  puppetSound (1,"Click")

on mouseUp
  sprite(9).member = "closeup"
  cursor (0)
I would just use a a little dedicated director file for a Yes/No dialog MIAW.  Setting the modal of the MIAW would e appropriate.
The MIAW could directly quit if user selects Yes, or a stage movie script can forget the miaw if ser cancels quit.

On can also use the muiDialog xtra to put up a Yex/No dialog, there's a learning curve but you might find an adaptable script in this how to article.
Here's a little MUI Dialog script tht presents a Yes / No dialog.  It returns 1 o 2.  

One shortcoming for a quit dialog, Yes is default.

on quitYeNo
  set myMuiObj = new (Xtra "Mui")
  if objectP ( myMuiObj ) then
    set alertInitList = [ #buttons : #YesNo,\
                          #title   : "Quit?", \
                          #message : "Quit this program now?",\
                          #icon    : #error,\
                          #movable : 1]
    return alert ( myMuiObj, alertInitList )
    return 0
  end if

it's derrived from the examples movie at:
You can also use BUDDY API.  One line of code for this... ( or

if baMsgBox("Are you sure you want to quit?", "Quit", "YesNo", "Question", 2) = "Yes" then halt

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