Recycle Bin won't show any delete files

Hello experts:
         I just found my Recycle bin (win2000) didn't show any delete files. It is empty. I don't know what happen and how to fix it. If someone knows some solution, please let me know. Thanks!
         By the way, if I don't post on the right topic, please tell me where I need post.

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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi ltyao,

Just to be sure:
Right-click the recycle bin, choose "Properties"
Uncheck "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediatley when deleted"
(check this for every drive on your system)


ltyaoAuthor Commented:
Hi LucF:
         Thanks for your quick reply! I just check the property of Recycle bin, that checkbox is uncheck. I only have C drive on my PC. I try to delete files again, I still can't find the files in Recycle Bin.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
You might want to check out "Recycle Bin Problems" posted by Expert PeteLong at:

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And also the user rights if you are not Administrator on the said system. I had similar troubles on an over-secured system once.

Note that remote files (network shares) NEVER get into the recycle bin, no matter what. For those it is like Linux files... Gone means gone for ever (unless you have backups).
ltyaoAuthor Commented:
I have the Administrator Right, and also even I delete the local file, still have the same problem.

Actually, I had another problem since yesterday, not sure it associated with my Recycle Bin problem or not. After I found my computer had a lot of pop up window and keep asking you to download some software (it happened yesterday) , I used Ad-Aware to scan my computer and delete all of the files that it found. Looks like it doesn't work very well, because when I restart my PC, still keep asking you install someting or missing some files, tell you can't init .... I have to restart couple of times then it work. So far, I wasn't sure that it is virus or I delete wrong files from my Ad-Aware6.0.
Sounds like the internals are messed up by spyware. Try also Spybot S&D. You can find all these ad-ware/mal-ware removers at

But cleaning up with Ad-Aware or any other tool is not going to restore your system clean... You'll have to do a CD-boot and try a repair or reinstall over it (not format but reinstall just Win over the exiting Win which will put everything back like new). You will probably need some work reconfiguring the applications/servers however.

Sounds like its gona be a loooong week-end this week.

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