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Secure Communication Between Servers


I have searched through the EE site and still not quite found the answer to what I am looking for...

We are building an application where we have two Linux Servers running with a host we use.  

Server 1 (on IP address 255.0.0.etc), houses our Databases and the PHPLibraries that contain our code applications.

Server 2, (on IP address 255.0.0.etc) runs our business applications such as the web site, backend WAP store etc.  

What I need to work out is although a client will connect to Server 2 (i.e the website) over SSL the server requires the codes from Server 1 to run certain functions, one being connecting to the DB and pulling out information.  

My question is that although communication between Server 2 (website) and client is SSL Secured, how secure is the sript, password, and data coming from Server 1, is it SSL Secured?

How do we proceed with expanding maybe to 3 db server, 1 mail server and 4 applications servers if we wished in the future.  Do we need to set up private LAN within our hosting company, or is there a way for the server (Not Private LAN'd) to communicate securly over TCP/IP?  

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Answered, just needed to know how secure the data was going to be.  Worked out that Private LAN is best, secures data between the servers and will save on BandWidth and will run much better too, so my hosting Co says.

Thanks again.