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Spooler Subsystem App error during printing

hi all,

i have a program that prints data from crystal report.  The data comes from database query and passed on to a printer for printing....

data may contain 100 or more rows of entries for printing... the problem is that during printing... only the first entry is printed and my application will hung... resulting to a "Spooler Subsystem App" error.

What should i do to prevent this from happening?
Do i have to change something in my codes or just printer settings?

please help,

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You might get a better result if you set it to "start printing after last page is spooled"
In addition, in the printer dialog of the application, untick "Collate".

The spooler subsytem app error is usually because the app (in this case Crystal) is trying to generate a huge multipage job, instead of many single pages.
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i really appreciate your response but unfortunately, i cant find the setting for "print directly to printer without spooling".  im currently using a roll paper printer.

in printing many pages, the printer only considers it as one job, is there a way wherein i can set this to 1 job per page?

Ah. A roll printer,
Sounds like you need a carriage return and line feed.

Your printer manual may be able to tell you how to set CR=CR+LF

in the printer driver, the spool settings are under the advanced tab.