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PHP GUI Editor


i am new to Php.  is there any PHP GUI editor available in market for Php.
like droping the controls and align the controls etc.

because now i am doing only through the html code. if possible any GUI Editor then it will be easy to edit the controls and make better design.

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You won't have much luck looking for an editor which allows you to design GUIs directly with PHP code in the same file - however, you might use a solution like Frontpage (Microsoft), Dreamwaver (Macromedia), GoLive (Adobe) depending on your budget to design your HTML pages. These programs also allow you to switch into a direct HTML mode, where you can add the PHP code required for your project then.

Another solution would be, that after your page is finished, you use an external script for the PHP processing or edit the designed HTML code with notepad or a more powerful PHP editor - I've been using PHP Expert Editor ( for years and found it very nice to use.


or try: (works for me)
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And do not forget Zend Studio
The rpduct is a commercial product, fgree for use for 3 weeks. And then free again for personal use, with some functions disabled.
Check also Nusphere, again a commercial product, free for 1 month.

I would personnalyy recommend Zend: it code completion feature is reallygreat.
I suggest HTML-Kit ( It has thousand of features and you can download or even build plug-ins:
Syntax coloring
Syntax checking
Internal FTP client
Internal HTML viewer
Help for PHP/MySQL/HTML/etc.
Help for color tables
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