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Create PDF Using VB

Hi Experts
 How can we create PDF  Using VB (i dont want to use any third party Softwares/Controls)
Thanks in Advance
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then u r out of luck. You should do maximum  r&d for this :-)

Atleast you should go for adobe API
I would use Ghostscript and Redmon it's effective and free. The problem with creating PDF's is that you need some type of printer driver and that is just plainly more achieveable and realisticly to be done in C rather than VB.

Take a look at these links they might help.
check this link

it shows creating Pdf's using PHP, but i feel it can easily be done in VB

try it, Read the Article Carefully.
Yeah, I don't think you're going to be creating a PDF in VB without third-party software. Unless you want to write your own PDF creation ActiveX control from scratch...which would be third-party software. :) We use ActivePDF (, that's a great control for doing it.
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there is a PDF.OCX.

It comes with the latest download of Adobe Acrobat (for 95 or NT).  and the default install is C:\ACROBAT3\READER\ACTIVEX

It's not real robust, but it allows you to specify either a file or a URL.

Another possibility is to install a pdf-printer driver. So you can just do a printout to that printer and a pdf-file will be created
Use this free control:
PDF Creator:
Sethi, that link is in one of the above I supplied...
Sorry...I didn't go through that EE link
Not a problem Sethi.
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Hi lokwai  

Great, u answered my question exactly as i wanted.
u deserve the gold
(  ;-) Source code seems very complex dear, mmm i need to understand)