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locked desktop in 10.3.6

i'm having issues with a locked desktop in 10.3.6, on a 'standard' user account that was setup using a newly created default user template - this new template was created with the instructions found here:

i created a templated account and created a new user using that template. all seems to have worked fine, except now my newly created user has a locked desktop. i did the command as indicated to reassign ownership of the new account, but the desktop is still locked.

i repaired permissions and ran all the maint. items in 'cocktail' ( - nothing fixed it.

can anyone help?
thanks in advance for the assistance.
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I apologize if you have done this already.  Did you check the permissions and ownership for the Desktop itself?
i dunno how to fix this... but you could try pressing control and clicking on the desktop and seingthe desktop properties.
what exactly do you mean by the desktop is locked?
Check your dummy account's desktop to see if it's locked.
If it is, fix the problem in that account.
If it is not, try to copy the profile over again & make a new user.

I have found that sometimes one has to back up & start again when messing with profiles in OSX.

Good luck!
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shideg -
you were correct.  
you said, "...the Desktop folder icon in the side bar is pointing to another account's desktop"

that was indeed the problem.  the desktop folder icon was simply pointing to my template account's desktop, instead of the newly created user's desktop.  i just drug the desktop icon and home folder icon out of the sidebar and then went into finder prefs to add them back for the new user, and problem solved!

thanks very much for the assistance.