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New motherboard powers off with Ctrl-Alt-Del and during Windows XP setup

I just replaced the motherboard in my desktop.  I've got the new one installed, and everything seems to be right.  However, a couple of processes cause the system to shut down immediately.  When it shuts down, the power button becomes inoperative.  I have to pull the plug until the power light on the motherboard goes out.  After that, I can put the plug back in, then press the power button to boot.

The following two things cause this hard shutdown:
1.  Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del after the system BIOS POST (e.g. once Windows Setup has started loading, or in my IDE RAID card BIOS)
2.  After Windows Setup (running off CD) starts, it goes to the 'Setup is inspecting your hardware configuration.'  The blue setup screen, and it begins loading the various drivers at the bottom.  At the very end of the driver loads, it says 'Enter Windows Setup' at the bottom of the screen, then the system shuts down.  This is right before the point I would expect to see 'Welcome to Windows Setup.  To Setup Windows XP, press Enter.'

Could I have something wired wrong onto the motherboard.

The power supply is a 350W with the single ATX connector onto the motherboard.  There's two drives, CD burner, GeForce AGP video and Soundblaster audio, which were all in the same system with the previos motherboard.

Could it be some power mode in the BIOS settings?

Any help would be appreciated.

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The motherboard is an Asus A7V8X-X with an Athlon XP 3000+.
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I beleive u mentioned about a RAID Controller...  Windows need specific Driver to make ur RAID Controller work if ur Drives are attached to it instead of ON-Board HD Controller... When u start the Setup.. Windows Asks u to press F6 to provide Third Party RAID/SCSI Drivers... provide the RAID Drivers and the Setup should proceed fine.

Otherwise.. U can remove ur RAID Controller and connect Single Hard Drive initially to on-board IDE and setup Windows. Later in WIndows add the RAID Controller and RAIDise ur Drives as per ur requirements.

for ur First Question to  Power off the System u need to press the power button for few seconds and it shud turn off ur Mobo.. all new ATX mobo come with 4 Sec delay to power off but u can change this setting in BIOS Setup to Power Off instantly.

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